Adventist Christian School of Maryville

Citrus Fundraiser

Citrus Fundraiser
Adventist Christian School
Citrus Fundraiser 2016-2017
Your chance to get into the citrus grove is here! Fresh fruit is on the way.  The fruit is juicy, sweet, and no color has been added.  It's straight from the tree! This fruit can be purchased as a 1/4, 1/2, or full box. All proceeds benefit the school and the students. So order today and get delicious tasting fresh fruit and support Christian education at the same time.

Order Deadline October 23 December 4 Janaury 8 February 19  March 15
Approximate Pick up dates Thurs. November 17* Fri. December 16* Fri. January 20* Fri. March 3*  Week of April 3-8*
Available Fruit
Navels (Florida)
Juice Orange (Hamlin)
Mixed box
Variety Pack
Charmer Pack
Navels (Texas)
Mixed box
Grapefruit (Texas)
Navels (California)
Mandarin (California)
Honeybells (Florida)
Grapefruit (Texas)
California Navels
Mandarins (California)
Grapefruit (Florida)
Valencia Oranges (Florida)
Mixed box (Florida Grapefruits
& Valencia Oranges)
*We will notify you by phone and/or email if pick up date changes.

To Order:
By Mail Click here to download a PDF of the order form. 
Fill it out and mail your check to:

Adventist Chrisitan School
2925 Sevierville Rd.
Maryville, TN 37804

Please include an order form and a check payable to:
    Adventist Christian School
By Phone Call 865-233-2559
By E-mail You can e-mail your order to
Online Form Sorry, the online form is unavailable at this time. Please call
865-233-2559 and leave your name, phone number, and order,
and we will return your call. Thank you!

 To pick up your order:

We will need your phone # and/or e-mail to contact you when the order has arrived.
When Pick up will be available for one day only from 8:30AM - 5PM.   We will notify you by phone and/or e-mail.  If you can not pick it up on that day, you will need to make arrangements to pick up your fruit.
Where    The small house as you enter the church property:
2921 Sevierville Rd. Hwy 411
Maryville TN 37804
Click Here for map

       Dates Available  
   Nov.  Dec. Jan. Feb.  Mar.
   Full Box 27-40 fruits $34
   1/2 Box 13-20 fruits $24
   1/4 Box 8-10 fruits  $19 (Nov. only)
   1/2 Box $27; 1/4 Box $22 (March only from Florida)
   Navel Oranges
   Full Box 40-80 fruits $38
   1/2 Box 20-40 fruits $25
   1/4 Box 14-20 fruits $20 (Nov. only)
Image result for tangelo Tangelos(Nov only)
  1/4 box 16-30 fruits $20  
  1/2 Box 50-60 fruits $25
  Full Box 64-100 fruits $38
Not Available this year
   1/2 Box 50-60 fruits $28
  Juice Orange(Nov only)  
  1/2 Box 32-50 fruits $26
  Full Box 64-100 fruits $36
  Mixed Box
   Full Box 24-40 oranges; 14-20 Grapefruit $39 (Nov. only)
  1/2 Box 16 Valencia oranges;
9 Grapefruit $27 (March only from Florida)
   1/4 Box 6-8 Valencia oranges;

5 Grapefruits $22 (March only from Florida)

   Variety Pack   
(Nov)     $34
    12 Navels
    12 Grapefruit
    12 Tangelos
   Charmer Pack   
(Nov Only)     $34
    12 Navels
    12 Grapefruit
    12 Apples
   Honeybell   Full Box 40-80 fruits $TBD
   1/2 Box 20-40 fruits $TBD
 Mandarin Oranges
5 lb bag  12-16 fruits $9

Image result for temple oranges  Temples
Not Available this year  
Full Box  80-64 fruits$??
   1/2 Box  40-32 fruits$??
   Valencia Oranges
  1/2 Box   28-40 fruits  $27
  1/4 Box   16-18 fruits  $22


Please call 865-233-2559 and leave your name, phone number, and order. We will get back to you. Thank you!